Aerial Drone Photo/Video for All Occasions and Purposes 

*Outdoor weddings/parties
*Real estate photos/videos for your listing
*Company's use it for their websites, commercials etc.
*Local Sporting Events
*Construction/Roofing Businesses use us for hard to reach views 
Anything you want seen from 50 feet up? How about 400 feet up? If it's a safe environment to fly in, we've got you covered....from above!
All photographs are shot in high resolution, and all video is filmed in high definition 1080p@60fps
Basic level packages include raw stills & video. Medium level packages include computerized editing of the stills & video. Upper level packages include editing footage together into a "mini-movie", or creating a full commercial with voiceover and graphics. We can do it all!
Have an idea on somewhere or something to be seen from above? Please reach out to us.....we would love to hear it!